Our vision is of a world where responsibly produced sports events are the norm. To realize that vision, we’ll need your help.

We’re all in this together—event organizers, participants, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, spectators and fans. The pursuit of responsible sport is a team thing.

Our adventure began in 2007 at the inaugural City of Portland Triathlon. Race directors Jeff Henderson and Jonathan Eng established goals of environmental and social responsibility, which guided all race production decisions. But they faced one major obstacle: the Willamette River had a reputation for being polluted. Marketing for the triathlon provided an opportunity to publicize cleanup efforts, however, and slowly the attitude of local athletes shifted from disgust to hope. Today, the Portland Triathlon is consistently ranked among the best triathlons in America.

Jeff and Jonathan went on to launch the Council for Responsible Sport through a pilot program in 2008 that involved 15 triathlons and running events, seven of which ultimately earned certification from the Council. Six years and more than 70 certifications later, our journey has really just begun.

Please join us!


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