Dodging Diabetes Dodgeball Tournament Achieves ReSport Certification


As you can see in the photo above, the folks in Bethesda, Maryland take their dodgeball seriously. Dodging Diabetes organizers Anna Tiedeman Irwin and Elizabeth Kramer take the idea of staging a sustainable sports event seriously as well.

In a press release issued last week, Anna and Elizabeth had this to say about their pursuit of ReSport Certification:

“Dodging Diabetes has always, and will always be about knocking out diabetes for good,” said Dodging Diabetes Founder Anna Tiedeman Irwin. “But this year we realized we could be sustainable, too, while having a great time for a good cause. We think it is the right thing to do and we’re glad our community of dodgeballers agrees.”

“We hope that in working with the Council to obtain our certification we’ll inspire other nontraditional event organizers to pursue their own certifications,” said co-founder Elizabeth Kramer. Continue reading

July 2nd, 2012 | | Community Legacy, Innovation

Council for Responsible Sport Implements Child Protection Policy

Back in early May, Beyond Sport announced that our ReSport Certification program had made the shortlist in their Sport for the Environment awards category. In a little over four weeks, we’ll learn the judges’ final decision.


Win or not, our involvement in the Beyond Sport Awards application process has already made us a better organization. You see, one of the requirements of a shortlisted entry is to have a child protection policy in place.


Why, you ask? Well, all it takes is a glance at recent news coverage of Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse trial to see that child protection is an obligation we all have.


As an organization that recognizes excellence in sustainable sports event production, we’ve got to consider the protection of youth to be within our purview. After all, many of the events that apply for ReSport Certification produce events for children. Shouldn’t the Council, at least, encourage event organizers to have policies in place that protect their youth participants?


While we are still exploring best practices and ways to incorporate child protection language into our ReSport Certification standards, as of today, we’ve adopted a policy that will guide our thinking and govern our own practices. Our new child protection policy is available for download here.


June 24th, 2012 | | News & Views

Houston Marathon Committee Achieves Unique Dual ReSport Certification

It’s often a challenge to come up with photography that reinforces the point I’m trying to make — not so in the case of the 40th Annual Chevron Houston Marathon and U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon.



The Green Crew volunteer pictured here perfectly represents the preparation and commitment it takes to earn two separate ReSport Certifications on the same weekend; you can’t win if you don’t show up on race day ready to go. (In this guy’s case, his portable solar charger was attached to a Camelbak hydration system, ensuring that he wouldn’t go thirsty or lose the battery charge on his cell phone during his shift at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon.)


The images also help tell the story of a weekend full of events that were conducted with an estimated 87% of all power used coming from renewable energy sources.


Long story short: the Houston Marathon Committee achieved Silver ReSport Certification for their efforts to make the 40th Annual Chevron Houston Marathon as sustainable an event as possible, while earning basic ReSport Certification for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, which they hosted on the same weekend.


As I said in the official press release: Of all the events that have become ReSport Certified none have taken on a bigger challenge than the Houston Marathon Committee did last January. Applying for ReSport Certification is a rigorous process, one that requires attention to detail and lots of documentation. By striving for dual certifications, Houston Marathon Committee members took on twice the workload, at least, and there were no time or cost-saving shortcuts available to them.


The complete release is available here, and it’s chock full of data about the events’ carbon and water footprints as well as other relevant metrics.


All in all, the sustainability efforts of the Houston Marathon Committee, their partners, venue hosts, consultants and green crew volunteers add up to two very well done events. Congratulations to everyone involved with this effort!


2011 Half Moon Bay International Marathon Achieves ReSport Gold Certification

I’ve been looking forward to using this photo on our Website for a long time! It’s a picture of Jennifer Dill, Chief Green Officer of the Half Moon Bay International Marathon (HMBIM), doing what she and her many counterparts around the world do best — whatever it takes to make their event more sustainable. In Jennifer’s case, she’s pictured hauling one of a very few bags of trash generated by HMBIM off to the dumpster.

Indeed, HMBIM was able to divert 87.5% of their waste from the landfill. Among their many other accomplishments, two stand out: carbon offsets were purchased to mitigate the 40 tons of CO2 emissions created by participants traveling to Half Moon Bay to compete, and efforts to reduce the number of single-driver vehicles resulted in 34% of runners carpooling, and 9% walking or riding their bikes to the event.

And event organizers paid just as much attention to the community/social side of the ledger. With the majority of the race being run on Coastside trails, supporting the grassroots efforts of the Coastside Bicycle Coalition made perfect sense. So, too, did event organizers’ work with the Sierra Club to involve youth from San Jose’s Inner City Outings program.

All in all, the sustainability efforts of Half Moon Bay International Marathon organizers add up to one very well done event. Kudos to everyone involved with this effort!

A PDF of the complete press release is available here.

ReSport Certification named to Beyond Sport Awards Sport for the Environment shortlist



It’s only fitting to use the photo above to express how happy and honored we are to have received notification from Beyond Sport that our ReSport Certification program has made their shortlist for their Sport for the Environment 2012 Awards. You see, the Beyond Sport Summit will take place in London, July 23-25, and will recognize, in part the global reach of ReSport Certification. The photo above was taken at the 2009 EDF Energy Race Against Climate Change in the UK, the first international event to earn ReSport Certification – Gold ReSport Certification, in fact, and event organizers were recently awarded Evergreen ReSport Certification for their 2010 efforts.


As I said in the press release announcing our being on the shortlist:


“We couldn’t be more pleased or honored.During the application process, I reviewed all 19 of the nominees for Beyond Sport’s Sport for the Environment Award, and was humbled by the great work being done in countries big and small, all over the world. To be named to the shortlist for this award is beyond my wildest dreams.”


I’d be remiss if I didn’t add this thought: Getting on the shortlist for the Beyond Sport Environmental Award is definitely the result of a lot of hard work, including the hard work of every event that has become ReSport Certified. Thanks to everyone who did the heavy lifting that helped us earn this recognition!


A complete copy of the press release is available here.


May 1st, 2012 | | News & Views