Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k becomes Canada’s first Silver Certified Event

The volunteer recycling team at the Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5k celebrates a job well done.

The volunteer recycling team at the Scotiabank Half Marathon & 5k celebrates a job well done.

Canada Running Series hosts eight race events in Canada annually including the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5k, which has achieved silver level certification for its 2013 effort. The event achieved a 97.8 percent waste diversion rate through a partnership with Green Chair Recycling, about as close to zero waste as is possible and certainly something to celebrate.

“At Canada Running Series, we’ve always been committed to producing world-class events that showcase the cities we run in and benefit our community. We are very proud of the green initiatives our Vancouver team has brought forward” said Alan Brookes, Canada Running Series’ National Race Director.

Event organizers helped bring awareness to another great project and offset climate impacts at the same time by purchasing renewable energy credits for the indoor expo through ‘Cow Power,’  which supports the development of anaerobic digestion as an alternative energy source and waste management tool for dairy farmers by processing methane gas-rich animal waste.

There’s more where that comes from. For more information on efforts from this year’s event read the downloadable PDF press release here and learn more about Canada Running Series by visiting their Web site here.

Waste Management Phoenix Open Achieves Gold Certification, Diverts 100% Of Its Waste From Landfill


Every picture tells a story. This one tells a couple of stories …

Organizers of the Waste Management Phoenix Open (WMPO) set an audacious goal for this year’s event: improve upon the 97% waste diversion rate from the 2012 event. Guess what — they successfully diverted 100% of the 2013 event’s waste from the landfill, achieving zero waste in the process!

But that’s not all. There’s more to the WMPO sustainability story than you might expect. In addition to greatly reducing the event’s environmental footprint, organizers paid great attention to their social impact as well.

The photo above not only depicts the waste collection/separation/diversion effort, but it features the “Birdies for the Brave tent in the background — a program organized to thank and honor active military personnel and their families, providing free admission to some 2,250 folks … and a great view of the 18th hole!

The full press release announcing the WMPO’s sustainable accomplishments is available for PDF download here, and a You Tube video summarizing the effort is available here.

Dodging Diabetes Charity Dodgeball Tournament Earns Silver Certification



On your mark, get set, get certified – again!

For the second year in a row, the Dodging Diabetes® Charity Dodgeball Tournament in Bethesda, Maryland has earned certification from the Council for Responsible Sport. In 2012, Dodging Diabetes® earned 31 certification credits by recycling, donating leftover food to food banks and using recycled trophies. This year, 43 credits were awarded – just one shy of the level needed to earn gold certification.

”We founded this charity with one goal in mind: to raise money to knock out diabetes for good. And we’re doing just that. But there’s no reason we can’t achieve that goal in a sustainable way,” said Dodging Diabetes® President and Co-Founder Anna Tiedeman Irwin. “Our community has embraced our efforts to compost, recycle, support local businesses and reduce our carbon footprint while raising money to knock out diabetes for good.” 

For more comments and an accounting of the many initiatives implemented this year, please refer to the downloadable PDF press release here.

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Why Compost When You Can Feed Animals At The Zoo?


The Utica Boilermaker 15k took place yesterday in Utica, New York. Among the many sustainability initiatives implemented over race weekend, this one stands out as a very creative solution to what to with leftover food that cannot be donated to relief agencies. I’ll let Boilermaker’s sustainability guru Paul Macenroe tell the story:

It is now almost 4 in the afternoon and I just got back from the Utica Zoo and had the best experience of my sustainability career. I took 207 pounds of cut up fruit to the zoo, plus 5 extra bags of ice. Apparently on hot days they mix the food with ice to give it texture and to improve hydration (who knew they would have taken all of our leftover ice).

We dropped off most of the food in the kitchen and took an assortment with us to the Children’s Zoo with a Zoo Educator and some animals and set up an education event.

Several hundred children and adults stopped by. I did a short talk on sustainability and why the Boilermaker was donating food to the zoo. Since it has already been cut up it can not be given to humans (food Banks, etc.) One enterprising 7 year old said we could compost the fruit. I said yes but wouldn’t it be better to feed it to the animals first before we put it on the zoo’s compost pile. That way we get two uses for it. She agreed.

The kids had a chance to feed some of the animals the food. The zoo educator talked about the animals and the kids were able to pet and feed them.

We were there for about an hour and half.

Out of town Boilermaker runners and their families made up a large contingent of this crowd. My favorite quote was from one father of three from Erie, PA. He said at every turn I love this race more and more. You amaze me with your total inclusiveness.

This feel good story was also covered by local Utica TV station WKTV.

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Women On The Trails Race Series Achieves Certification

Richelle Criswell (l) and Susan Farago (r) of Trailhead Running

Richelle Criswell (l) and Susan Farago (r) of Trailhead Running


You’re not Lost. You’re with us.


Trailhead Running’s motto couldn’t be more appropriate. As the organizers of the Women on the Trails Race Series, held in parks in and around Austin, Texas, Trailhead Running offers fun and challenging trail races for women who are new to trail running or for experienced runners who are looking for a different type of race venue.


Susan Farago, Trailhead Running’s Head Explorer, also brings a keen sense of environmental and social responsibility to the task of race directing as well, and offers the following environmental mission statement.


Trailhead Running incorporates environmental best practices into the Women on the Trails Race Series in three key ways:

  1. By showcasing Austin area trails in a non-invasive way;
  2. By producing trail running events using innovative and sustainable activities resulting in little to no waste;
  3. And by promoting and encouraging the spirit of Earth-friendly living through health, lifestyle, education, and community.


It is with great pleasure that we recognize the Women on the Trails Race Series as the first complete running series to achieve certification from the Council.


A PDF version of the press release is available for download here.

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