Women On The Trails Race Series Achieves Certification

Richelle Criswell (l) and Susan Farago (r) of Trailhead Running

Richelle Criswell (l) and Susan Farago (r) of Trailhead Running


You’re not Lost. You’re with us.


Trailhead Running’s motto couldn’t be more appropriate. As the organizers of the Women on the Trails Race Series, held in parks in and around Austin, Texas, Trailhead Running offers fun and challenging trail races for women who are new to trail running or for experienced runners who are looking for a different type of race venue.


Susan Farago, Trailhead Running’s Head Explorer, also brings a keen sense of environmental and social responsibility to the task of race directing as well, and offers the following environmental mission statement.


Trailhead Running incorporates environmental best practices into the Women on the Trails Race Series in three key ways:

  1. By showcasing Austin area trails in a non-invasive way;
  2. By producing trail running events using innovative and sustainable activities resulting in little to no waste;
  3. And by promoting and encouraging the spirit of Earth-friendly living through health, lifestyle, education, and community.


It is with great pleasure that we recognize the Women on the Trails Race Series as the first complete running series to achieve certification from the Council.


A PDF version of the press release is available for download here.

July 2nd, 2013 | | Access & Equity

2013 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Earn Silver Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport



The team at Conley Sports in Austin takes sustainability seriously! So much so that they don’t rest on their race day laurels, but go out regularly on trash runs to clean up various sections of the Austin Marathon course.


And they’ve been producing environmentally and socially responsible running events for quite some time. As far back as November 2008, Runner’s World called them the Greenest Race in North America. Since then they’ve become certified by the Council (2009), upgraded to Silver Certification (2011), and maintained their Silver Certification through our biennial recertification process (2013).


Go team!


You can download a PDF file of the press release announcing Austin’s Silver Certification here.

June 11th, 2013 | | Community Legacy, Innovation

2013 Milano City Marathon Awarded Silver Certification From The Council For Responsible Sport


In the photo above, Andrea Trabuio (MCM), Piercarlo Pirovano (IMQ) and Lorenzo De Salvo (RCS Sport) celebrate the fact that the 2013 Milano City Marathon achieved Silver Certification from the Council — a first on two fronts — the first sports event in Italy, and the first marathon in Europe to be so recognized.


As Andrea Trabuio, the Director of the Milano City Marathon said:

Sustainability was a challenge we could not fail to meet. It was important for us, for the athletes, for the community, the territory, the sponsors and  for all those who contributed to the success of this event.


The certification effort was a collaboration between the Council and IMQ (Instituto Italiano Del Marchio De Qualita) the Council’s exclusive partner in Italy. IMQ worked directly with RCS Sport, the Milanese marathon organizational team on the event’s certification application.

A complete copy of the press release can be downloaded as a PDF here.

June 7th, 2013 | | News & Views

Tips for Hosting a Sustainable Sporting Event

Image 12


Sports Destination Management, a trade publication for sport event managers and organizers, has just published a set of tips for hosting a sustainable sporting event. I was pleased to be asked to contribute to the piece, along with Ethan Nelson and Janis Ross. Ethan is the Waste Prevention and Green Building Manager for the City of Eugene, Oregon. Janis is the Executive Director of Eugene, Cascades & Coast Sports. They both played big roles in organizing and promoting the environmental and socially responsible initiatives that resulted in gold certification from the Council last summer for the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials.


I think you’ll find the tips we present to be useful and appropriate for sporting events of all sizes. Here’s the opening Q&A from the piece:


What is a Sustainable Sporting Event?


A source of community pride for fans and athletes alike!

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They Be Green!

RW We Be Green



The April issue of Runner’s World just arrived in my mailbox, and I was thrilled to see the Editor’s Letter from David Willey. Specifically, I was thrilled to see the We Be Green box in the photo above.


Why? Because David took full advantage of his bully pulpit to tell readers about the good work his team did to earn silver certification from the Council at last October’s inaugural Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival. And, he wasn’t shy about stating his ambitions for a gold certified event in 2013!


I fully realize that David is in a unique position to broadly promote the fact that his event earned silver certification, but I’ve got to wonder why other certified event organizers don’t make a big deal out of telling folks about the good work they’re doing?


Just saying: Every one of the 50 event organizers who have earned one or more certifications from the Council should be as proud as David is about their respective accomplishments.