What Is Responsible Sport?

Simply put, the Council’s definition of responsible sport acknowledges the many ways event organizers can increase an event’s social benefits while reducing its environmental footprint.

Old Bill's has raised $100 for Jackson Hole charities in the past 17 years.

Old Bill’s Fun Run has raised $100 million for Jackson Hole charities in the past 17 years.

Our definition of responsible sport is much more inclusive than a simple listing of all the events we’ve certified, or an outline of the process and criteria involved in achieving certification.

Yes, independent certification provides people with the assurance that an event has made a thorough and systematic effort to become more responsible. But certification is not the be-all and end-all of the conversation about responsible sport. More and more, in fact, we’re finding that certification is just a piece of that conversation.

Our definition of responsible sport encourages a broad look at the decisions an event organizer might make as they pursue whatever goals and objectives they’ve set for themselves, from procurement to resource management to community legacy to access and equity.

There is no cookie-cutter definition of responsible sport, just as there are no cookie-cutter solutions to the challenges event organizers face as they strive to do the right thing–reducing negative environmental impacts and increasing positive social impacts.

We hope you’ll join us as we pursue our vision of a world where responsibly produced sports events are the norm.