The Council truly would not exist today without the interest and assistance we’ve received from our partners listed below:

The Chicago Park District endorsed our certification program in 2012, requiring large athletic events applying for the District’s discount on permit fees for “green” events to become certified by the Council.

The City of Eugene has been our biggest advocate and collaborator as TrackTown USA and the University of Oregon have pursued multiple certifications, from the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials, to the University’s complete 2013 Track & Field schedule, to the 2013 NCA Division 1 Track & Field Championships, to the 2014 IAAF World Junior Athletics Championships. And that’s just the beginning—all future championship events are slated to become certified as well.

IMQ extends our reach into Italy, offering clients strategic and tactical assistance in their pursuit of certification by the Council. Italian event organizers are encouraged to contact IMQ directly via e-mail at

inèdit is a spin off company of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, focused on innovation for sustainability. As our exclusive partner in Spain, inèdit offers event organizers strategic and tactical support in their pursuit of CRS certification. Spanish event organizers are encouraged to contact inèdit directly via e-mail at

CSR-BootIQ, located in Bucharest, Romania, is a multidisciplinary startup dedicated to inspiring and supporting organizations to implement sustainable business practices, build compliant supply chains, and gain competitive advantages. As our Romanian partner (also serving Moldova), CSR-BootIQ offers event organizers strategic assistance in their pursuit of certification by the Council. Contact directly for more information about certifying Romania and Moldova based events.

Travel Oregon includes our certification program in its listing of approved sustainable business certifications, which allows events or organizations that are certified by the Council to automatically qualify for recognition in the Travel Oregon Forever Network of Sustainable Businesses.

And Agon Partners helps us develop and execute our sustainability and marketing strategies.

With special thanks to WIEDEN+KENNEDY who was there in the beginning, providing strategic counsel and brand enhancing support as the Council grew from fledgling non-profit into a viable service and certification provider.

For more information on partnering with CRS, please contact Keith Peters, our Executive Director:
Keith [at] CouncilForResponsibleSport [dot] org.