Houston Marathon Committee Achieves Unique Dual ReSport Certification

It’s often a challenge to come up with photography that reinforces the point I’m trying to make — not so in the case of the 40th Annual Chevron Houston Marathon and U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon.



The Green Crew volunteer pictured here perfectly represents the preparation and commitment it takes to earn two separate ReSport Certifications on the same weekend; you can’t win if you don’t show up on race day ready to go. (In this guy’s case, his portable solar charger was attached to a Camelbak hydration system, ensuring that he wouldn’t go thirsty or lose the battery charge on his cell phone during his shift at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon.)


The images also help tell the story of a weekend full of events that were conducted with an estimated 87% of all power used coming from renewable energy sources.


Long story short: the Houston Marathon Committee achieved Silver ReSport Certification for their efforts to make the 40th Annual Chevron Houston Marathon as sustainable an event as possible, while earning basic ReSport Certification for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon, which they hosted on the same weekend.


As I said in the official press release: Of all the events that have become ReSport Certified none have taken on a bigger challenge than the Houston Marathon Committee did last January. Applying for ReSport Certification is a rigorous process, one that requires attention to detail and lots of documentation. By striving for dual certifications, Houston Marathon Committee members took on twice the workload, at least, and there were no time or cost-saving shortcuts available to them.


The complete release is available here, and it’s chock full of data about the events’ carbon and water footprints as well as other relevant metrics.


All in all, the sustainability efforts of the Houston Marathon Committee, their partners, venue hosts, consultants and green crew volunteers add up to two very well done events. Congratulations to everyone involved with this effort!