Benefits of Certification

Events and their host organizations are each at a unique place on the path towards full responsibility and accountability for their decisions. Some operate from a ‘business as usual’ perspective, incorporating few changes from year to year even as new information about human impacts on our world come to light. Others seek to set an example based on their values and are willing to invest time and resources into those efforts because they believe its the right thing to do.

Some events use the Council for Responsible Sport certification program to help them gauge their current impacts and lay course for how they intend to improve over time, while others have made a strong commitment to a holistic program of responsibility across the board and simply seek third-party certification from the Council to verify those efforts publicly. We’re happy to work with both types of events and any that fall somewhere in between.

Below are some of the benefits certification offers.

FlyingPig_Waste station_2Receive coaching and other resources for staff and volunteers

Events seeking certification get direct access to Council staff to help clarify the standards as well as  informational and educational resources and examples of previous successes.

reuse a shoe_2Prevent unnecessary procurement costs

Events working with our certification standards are encouraged and trained to consider all purchases with a critical eye for their necessity and clever (waste-free) workarounds.

startingblock_2Offer sponsors a brand-safe platform

Third-party verification demonstrates the host organizations’ values to potential and existing sponsors, partners and other stakeholders and helps events clearly show the actions aligned with those values. Such transparency can increase the confidence of all parties that the event is a positive and reputable platform for sponsors to market their brands and products.

WoundedWarrior100_TT12_2Attract new sponsors and implement creative campaigns

The marketing sector is changing rapidly to meet the demands of 21st century customers. Companies increasingly must provide great experiences and deliver feel good emotions to win consumers’ loyalty and conversely, brands want to be seen in a positive light by the public. Events with a verified social and ecological conscience provide lots of creative space and opportunity to engage people, tell an interesting responsibility story of their own and create memorable experiences than can influence participants and spectators future purchasing choices.

zerowaste_wmpoIncrease transparency with participants, spectators, customers and clients

By hosting a responsible event that creates a positive user experience, involves the community and has a light environmental footprint, host organizations can increase customer trust and loyalty. It’s simple—people come back to great events again and again!

Dream Day 3_wmpoBe embraced in the local community

Communities and municipalities are increasingly sensitive to an event’s impacts on local resources, infrastructure and reputation for sustainability. As the years go by, earned trust allows an event to grow and flourish. Our responsible sport certification program provides evidence to local administrators that the event is committed to respecting the community, both its people and its place.

Demonstrate leadership in the industry

There is plenty of news about how bad things are; we here at the Council believe the world needs more good news, and we see that sports wield great social and cultural power. Sport teaches lessons of focus, discipline, sportsmanship and triumph over challenges. We believe these lessons shouldn’t be limited to the field, court, course, pitch or track. Let’s use the power of sport for good—by setting the example that helps to chart a healthy, restorative course for sport, society and commerce in the 21st century.

Share and celebrate the highlights of the event’s unique story

The standards set forth by the Council are less prescriptive than certifications used in other industry sectors because we understand that sports events are as diverse as can be. Audience, atmosphere, location and other factors all change from sport to sport and place to place. Each certified event has a unique, exciting and innovative story to tell about the ways they rise to meet the challenge of making values-based decisions in a traditionally bottom-line oriented marketplace. Making a profit while acting in accordance with a set of moral values is the great challenge and opportunity of our time. We help verify and share the good stories that many people, events, organizations and companies are working very hard to write.

Danielle-Brown_2Generate earned media and positive public relations

Good stories are just that—ripe for telling. The rigor and transparency of our third-party certification helps create a unique story worth sharing with the world. Others see the good being done and seek to imitate and improve upon it and in this way, all together we build the momentum to reach a critical mass towards the vision of a world where responsibly produced events that have positive impacts are the norm.