Enhance your event’s sustainability bona fides with our Certify program


Amplify your message and get the most from your staff resources by choosing our Certify program and you’ll receive:
• 5 hours per year of direct consulting support to smooth your transition to a more sustainable event.
• Access to Council staff to assist with the bulk of documentation and reporting requirements for Council Certification.
• Paid advertising recognizing your event as Council-certified in relevant publications and media channels. Also includes social media support and promotion.
• A carbon footprint calculator that allows accurate offsetting of energy used for operations and travel.
• Local food procurement assistance that focuses on local resources for sustainable agriculture and produce.
• Communication assistance with vendors to ease compliance concerns.
• Exclusive verification and support from Waste Management’s Sustainability Services team, the Council’s Primary Evaluator and Elite Co-Champion.

Certification Fee Structure

Event SizeCertification Application Fee
Under 1,000 participants or paid spectators$2,500
1,000 - 4,999 participants or paid spectators$3,000
5,000 - 9,999 participants or paid spectators$3,500
10,000 - 19,999 participants or paid spectators$4,000
20,000 - 49,999 participants or paid spectators$4,500
50,000 - 99,999 participants or paid spectators$5,000
More than 100,000 participants or paid spectators$6,000

Levels of Certification

The on-site evaluation makes events eligible for Certified, Silver, Gold and Evergreen levels of certification based on credits earned through the standards. Certification is valid for two years.