The following are a couple examples of industry best practices in the area of procuring goods and services.

 Adopt an Internal Policy

To help minimize materials that could end up in the dumpster, many event organizers have begun to adopt standards that clearly define materials are acceptable vs.those are not to team members and partner businesses. The most common standards ask vendors and contractors to eliminate things like Styrofoam and non-compostable or recyclable packaging or service wares.

Example: Natural Resources Defense Council NFL Greening Advisor—Procurement Policies

 Eliminate Unnecessary Sources of Waste

Another procurement topic gaining popularity considers all the physical materials involved in the event’s production, from merchandise, awards and food service wares to building materials for temporary displays or structures. After taking an inventory, consider which of the items that may end up in the trash could potentially be eliminated or replaced with a recyclable, compostable or responsibly produced alternative.

Example: See our Resources & Links section for resources related to minimizing waste