About CRS

When the Council for Responsible Sport was founded in late 2007, our founders’ vision was of a world where responsibly produced sports events are the norm; that remains our vision today as we support, certify and celebrate responsibly produced sports events.

Back in 2007, at the inaugural City of Portland Triathlon, race directors Jeff Henderson and Jonathan Eng established goals of environmental and social responsibility, which guided all race production decisions. But they faced one major obstacle: the Willamette River had a reputation for being polluted. Marketing for the triathlon provided an opportunity to publicize cleanup efforts, however, and slowly the attitude of local athletes shifted from disgust to hope. Jonathan and Jeff went on to launch the Council for Responsible Sport through a pilot program in 2008 that involved 15 triathlons and running events, seven of which ultimately earned certification from the Council.

Today, the Council for Responsible Sport is pleased to offer the following services to event organizers who are interested in making a responsible difference in sport:

1 – We SUPPORT event organizers who strive to produce socially and environmentally responsible events through hands-on coaching and a variety of support group programs.
2 – We CERTIFY responsible event production practices through our certification program.
3 – We actively CELEBRATE events that have become certified by the Council.


The mission of the Council for Responsible Sport is to provide objective, independent verification of the socially and environmentally responsible work event organizers are doing, and to actively support event organizers who strive to make a difference in their communities. The Council for Responsible Sport is an Oregon-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.